Musical Projects

Flying the flag of OssiaMusica, I organise and perform special projects of contemporary music written by me and other composers.

These projects always stand out in form or theme, and use theatrical elements to amplify the artistical effect. Some examples:

  • Phases of Mourning (2009): Music for choir, soloists and string quartet, depicting the mourning process

  • OssiaMusica a Roma (2010): Italian madrigals performed on streets, squares and courtyards of the Eternal City

  • Three Wings (2012): A musical meditation on a song by Hildegard von Bingen

  • New meets Newer (2014): A two-day festival on contemporary music and related arts

  • Oeverliefdes (2015): An outdoor theatre route along the banks of the river Maas

  • 'Overkant' Theme song of the Oeverloos festival 2015 (see previous.)