About Paul Gelsing

Who is Paul Gelsing?

I was born in 1967. I am married with children and earn a living as IT-manager.

It was not until 2009 that I started to compose 'for real'. Since then I've working without interruption on music of almost any genre, winning several composition prizes and producing a steady output of commissioned works.

My real joy is in the making process: immersing myself in the vast ocean of creativeness.

Below, a small selection of highlights.

  • Sep. 2018

    Soundtrack for 'In limbo,' a short film featured at several Dutch and international festivals. For piano and cello.
  • Jan. 2018 - Now

    Pianist and composer for 'Mag ik vragen wat dit te betekenen heeft?', a storytelling performance by Onder De Appelboom.
  • Sep. 2017

    Successful staging of 'Oeverloos' in the beautiful surroundings of the river Maas. Featuring ballet, theatre and stills. Over a thousand visitors.
  • Jun. 2017

    'Het wachtend leven van Kwijntje Mols', a musical theatre performance by Le Nuove Musiche. Premiered June 4, during the Monteverdi festival in Amersfoort (http://monteverdixl.com/).
  • Jan. 2016

    Premiere performance of 'Five Country Scenes' by the FOH Youth Orchestra (Den Bosch, NL)
  • Mar-Jul 2015

    Composition assignment for 'Oeverliefdes', an open air theatrical walk. Multiple performances in July of that year, with a total audience of over 1200 people
  • April 2015

    Second edition New meets Newer. Including the first performance with altus Hugo Naessens, 'Letse Klets'
  • May 2014:

    Artistic Director of 'New meets Newer', festival for contemporary music
  • May 2014:

    Finalist of the 'Nicola Dando Composition Competition' for 'Love' (mixed choir a capella); July 4, London (GB)
  • Jan. 2014

    Composition assignment for 'Song of the Rigging', premiered on May 24 by Septime (Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Contrabass)
  • Sep. 2013

    'Oh, how I dote on thee!' selected for '15 Minutes of Fame', performed in New York, by Katherine Crawford and Rebecca Ashe
  • Jun. 2013

    Composition assignment for the soundtrack of 'Natuur dicht bij huis,' a documentary film by Stichting Het Brabants Landschap
  • May 2013

    'Première laine' selected for '15 Minutes of Fame', performed in Bucharest, by Georgeta Stoleriu and Violetta Stefanescu
  • Mar. 2013

    Composition assignment from the 'Sambuca Recorder Ensemble', Eindhoven (for festival 'Muziek op de Dommel', June 1, 2013)
  • Feb. 2013

    First prize in the 'Oberon Spring Contest 2013' (Richmond, VA) for String Quartet
  • Jan. 2013

    OssiaMusica project 'Blue Sea and Sails', Oss
  • Aug. 2012

    OssiaMusica project 'Three Wings', Nijmegen
  • Jan. 2012

    Composition assignment for African-style children's opera 'Bayode en de Zee', Eindhoven (three performances in june of that year)
  • Nov. 2011

    Award of the public in the Dutch national composition contest 'Ook jouw stem telt' for choir a capella
  • Sep. 2011

    Jury member for the choir competition at the KW1C choir festival, 's-Hertogenbosch
  • May 2011

    OssiaMusica project 'OssiaMusica a Roma', Rome (IT)
  • Sep. 2009

    OssiaMusica project 'Requiem - Phases of Mourning', Oss, Tilburg, 's-Hertogenbosch
  • 1996

    BA in Classical Piano
  • 1995-1996

    Piano accompanist for students taking master courses in singing
  • 1991-1996

    Bachelor studies in classical piano and choir conducting at the Tilburg Music Conservatory
  • 1989

    Msc. in Business Informatics at Tilburg University
  • 1985-1986

    Founder and first choir master of College Choir 'Contrast'
  • 1985-1995

    Singer in projects of the Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor and Brabant Koor
  • 1967

    Born in Oss, the Netherlands